newb - legacy programs on Win7..?

  Bansaw 13:02 05 Mar 2010

Whats your experience with running WinXP type programs on Win7?
I heard that Win7 pro had a legacy option to "run as XP" but is it working well?

I am thinking of buying Win7 but have several quite expensive programs that need to run on Win7 before I want to move up.


  gengiscant 08:04 06 Mar 2010

What are the programs? You can also run this click here which will help you determine what will run or not.
On a personal experience I have not had any major problems with any of my software.

  morddwyd 08:47 06 Mar 2010

Like gengiscant, I have not had one programme fail to run in Win 7, some of them dating from Win 95 days.

You may have to download free updates, or drivers, and you may have to select an option which comes up "Install Using Recommended Settings" but, for me at least, it works every time.

  gardener 17:18 08 Mar 2010

You have to download XP Mode (large file) and Virtual PC from Microsoft and install it. I had no problems with the install and it seems to mesh well with Win 7 Pro 64 bit.

It has crashed once or twice but mine restarted OK without a system reboot which is handy. I've installed a few old programs which are incompatible with Win 7 and they all work fine in the virtual PC.

One downside is that you have to install your security software onto the virtual machine if you use the internet with it, I don't so I've disabled my virtual PC network.

Apparently XP Mode is only available for Win 7 Pro and upwards.

  Bansaw 18:03 08 Mar 2010


Don't you have to buy Ultimate or Pro before you can install this XP MODE capability?

  john bunyan 18:21 08 Mar 2010

Yes and not all PC's processors can handle it - mine cant, even though I have w ult 64 bit. Do check your pc Seclick here here

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