New windows 10 user needs help

  Debhamie 12:51 29 May 2017

I proofread reports where people to upload audio and video recordings. In window 8 if i clicked on the recording it would automatically open media player and start to play it - no hassle. Had to get a new laptop on saturday so now on windows 10. When i click on the recording now it asks me to save and download it first which i don't want to do. Also theres no righ click "open with" option. I need to be able to just click on the recording and have it play. I've got Autoplay on and have Window Media Player as my default. Help please

  Burn-it 22:59 29 May 2017

Does Media player come with Windows 10? I thought it was an optional extra now that you have to install yourself. In any case there are better free alternatives.

  rahulp 11:18 30 May 2017

remove window media player

  Ventad 12:18 30 May 2017

rahulp. SPAM FE Informed

  rahulp 06:52 31 May 2017

@vented Dear i am not Spam

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