New Windows 10 pc questions please.

  gazmix 18:00 31 Aug 2018

Hi Bought yesterday for mi folks Dell Optiplex 320 core 13 windows 10 from. It's not been started in a month so should there be lots of Microsoft updates, seems its spent last 3hrs updating, freezing, installing etc.

Also it had avg free pre installed when updates were freezing so I uninstalled avg and updates carried on as normal so is it best to just use windows defender and firewall.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:13 31 Aug 2018

Defender OK but I prefer something a little better,

I used AVG then Avast for a long time before AVG became bloated and Avast pop ups got too intrusive.

Try Kaspersky free version

  KEITH 1955 19:17 31 Aug 2018

On any new pc you will find loads of updates for any version you are using and this will be what is causing you a problem , you will find lots of updates will fail because you are giving it a lot to think about , I just checked whats on my 2 year old pc I have nearly 70 items in the installed updates.

The same thing will be happening to your anti virus software , if you are not happy with avg I can recommend Kaspersky but the same updates scenario will arise.

Don't be offended when I say this but if you have a low spec pc it will struggle to do multiple updates , I have a low spec windows 7 as a spare pc and if I do a clean install I get the same problems your having , just keep re trying till it sorts itself out.

  gazmix 19:35 31 Aug 2018

Many thanks Mjs Warlord, should I just let the updates run then?

It's a dell optiplex Intel core 13 I like avg I just wonder whether it's any better than defender though it seemed to stop windows security updates. Heard best to use windows firewall and 3rd party Av.

  KEITH 1955 19:47 31 Aug 2018

yes just keep re doing updates till windows say UP TO DATE , I heave defender off but scan with it once a week

  gazmix 23:00 02 Sep 2018

OK thanks, it's says all updated but when I check for updates it finds stuff. Also the restart time after updates, if set fir 3pm is that daily or just after updates installed? Thanks

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