New VISTA PC -old XP software

  mikegm7 11:05 12 Aug 2008

Just about to purchase a new desktop PC with Vista. Will my existing (XP)software install OK?

  Pine Man 13:37 12 Aug 2008

Look here click here

  ventanas 14:17 12 Aug 2008

It will be very unusual if anything fails to install or work. There are one or two, but problems are very rare.
I have programs that predate XP by some years running on Vista without any problem.

  chub_tor 16:21 12 Aug 2008

Some of my old games need to be run in compatibility mode, some won't install or install but won't work at all but most of my old programmes are OK. It's trial and error I'm afraid.

  richard88 17:50 12 Aug 2008

I am moving from XP on my old laptop to Vista Business on my new one. I have 10 years of Quicken98 records which I want to retain. Understand I will not be able to run these files on Vista so wonder if there is another solution such as transfering them unto another package such as Microsoft Money or GnuCash.
I only use Quicken for analysis of my expenditure by headings I have set and not for downloading data from bank accounts etc.
I hope there is an easy to implement solution out there. Help please!
Ps sorry if I am cashing in on someone else's thread first time I have done this

  ventanas 09:33 13 Aug 2008

You should have started a new thread, but as you're here now - it seems that you really need Quicken 2007, although some earler versiosn will run, but with issues click here
But there is a big problem with these versions, namely they are not available in the UK.
So it would seem you have had it with Quicken.
Whats wrong with a spreadsheet for such a simple exercise. Open Office is free.
By the way Money has also been discontinued in the UK.

  FatboySlim71 22:14 14 Aug 2008

I know when I purchased a new PC a few months back I was thinking the very same thing, but I need not have worried. I was VERY SURPRISED to find that every program I had worked with Vista.

Some programs I had I needed to download the latest version but that was it. I even had some programs wrote in 2004/2005 and these worked fine with Vista and even still do after installing SP1.

There is also a XP Compatibility mode with Vista, you do the following to access it,

Right click on a program's icon, next choose properties/click the compatibility tab, towards the top you should see a section called COMPATIBILITY MODE, you tick the box for "RUN THIS PROGRAM IN COMPATIBILITY MODE FOR" and choose "WINDOWS XP SERVICE PACK 2" from the drop down box below, next you click APPLY then OK. A friend of mine got some program running by doing the above.

  Jim_F 18:20 15 Aug 2008

You could consider running an earlier OS under Virtual PC under Vista if all else fails - its a bit a faffing about but the price is right !:
click here

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