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New PC need my outlook 2019 password

  awest3 14:51 22 Jul 2020

Hi, I seem to have managed to get my knickers in a twist. I have outlook 2019 on my desktop and need to set it up on a new laptop I've just bought. I have my password written down but it wont work when I try to set up outlook on my new machine. I want the same emails on both machines. I've tried to find my password through various routes but nothing seems to work. I can access my emails online using the same password but outlook does not recognise this. I seem to remember something about outlook setting up a really difficult password but again do not have note of it. Any ideas as to where I go from here? Thanks Al

  awest3 14:57 22 Jul 2020

should have said I'm using POP.

  awest3 15:44 23 Jul 2020

well its fixed but I'm not sure how exactly. Tried to set it up as POP account with no joy, all sorts of different errors. Created a new app password that did not work the first time. Then created another app password and that along with using IMAP instead of POP seems to have fixed it. Al

  wee eddie 20:12 29 Jul 2020

Real ......mob stuff - FE told

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