New PC extremely slow - Windows 10

  benducky 18:50 18 May 2017

Hi everyone, I have just bought a new home PC. The spec is as follows: Windows 10 8 GB RAM Intel Celeron CPU N3050 Processor

I have noticed that the PC runs extremely slowly, when I look in the task manager the CPU is running between 80 to 100% when I first switch it on. From new I have only installed Microsoft Office and have not downloaded anything else.

I have looked this up online and have read that others have experienced similar problems but haven't come across a fix yet. I'm finding this PC to be far slower than my 10 year old PC that I have just disposed of! To emphasise how slow it is for example- as I am typing now there is a delay between the words/letters appearing.

Any help or advice on this would be much appreciated?

Thank you

  Peter Ashley 19:11 18 May 2017

Hi Benducky,

In the task manager within the processes could you order it by CPU and let me know what's the top few processes with their percentage please?

  beeuuem~2 03:41 19 May 2017

The usual problem with high CPU usage the Search indexer running as described click here

  benducky 12:43 20 May 2017

Peter- Mcafee scanner service is using 40% minimum and is constantly increasing / decreasing by the second to as high as 80%. Microsoft Compatibilty Telemetry also seems to be jumping anywhere between 10 and 30%. Service host:local system also is up there and is increasing /decreasing.

Thank you

  Menzie 18:41 20 May 2017

Unfortunately that CPU isn't a great one and if I recall correctly has more in common with the Atom CPU than the Intel i family.

To get the system up and running well you'll have to streamline the software and processes running.

McAfee is a good antivirus but quite heavy on resources. You might consider a lighter antivirus suite.

You should also look into turning off background processes such as indexer which can cause slowdown.

PC Advisor has an article on tweaking Windows 10 for speed.

click here

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