New Partition ok. ISO Burn ok, Boot from DVD

  Proclaimer 22:47 14 Jan 2009

is set in BIOS and I know how to use it. So when I put my Windows 7 disc into the drive and select boot from DVD (F11) it says 'press any key to boot from DVD' then sails on past that to Windows XP Boot.

So what could I have missed? Is there a boot sector written to the Windows 7 DVD during the ISO burn?

Or something else I have missed like a separate boot disc?

  Forum Editor 23:36 14 Jan 2009

and then insert the DVD that you burned from the Windows 7 ISO file - don't try to boot from the DVD.

When the DVD loads you'll be asked if you want to install Windows 7, and you can select an option to upgrade from your current operating system, or carry out a fresh install -in which case you'll lose all your installed software.

  Proclaimer 23:54 14 Jan 2009

I want to dual boot. That's important info for any potential helper...

  Forum Editor 00:12 15 Jan 2009
  Proclaimer 08:57 15 Jan 2009

'So insert your Windows 7 disc and reboot your computer (you'll need to have enabled booting from your DVD drive in your system BIOS, but most PCs will have this enabled by default).'

The Windows 7 disc does not boot the PC...

  BurrWalnut 09:09 15 Jan 2009

Check that the ISO was burned properly. It should be about 2.45GB in size with 5 top-level folders and 3 files.

  Proclaimer 09:26 15 Jan 2009

Disc self entitled (GB1CULFRE_EN_DVD)
SIZE 2.43gb

I used the 'ImgBurn' to mount the ISO.

I can run 'setup' from inside Windows and get the Install Windows 7 screen.

  a member 10:18 15 Jan 2009

personally I dont bother burning to dvd these days ,I extracted the file using winrar ,and run the setup exe , choose complete installation ,and you will get a screen (window) with your partitions or drives listed choose the one you want to install on .and Voilla it will install on that partition ,also by running it from your hard drive its much faster to install , mine installed in 11 mins thats from clicking on the setup to being on the windows 7 desktop (fully loaded).

  Legolas 14:00 15 Jan 2009

Follow the guide given by the FE I followed this and it worked great and it dual boots without me having to do any extras.

  Hedontownee 05:57 17 Jan 2009

I downloaded the ISO file and burned a DVD
I booted using the new DVD
As it started there was very little time to hit the key before the bootup reverted to normal boot (in my case XP)
So be qiuck to start the set up
After selecting language etc
Go for Custom install
So you can make sure you are installing to the correct location !!!!
After that I just let the install take its course
I was tempted at some points to press help it go
But I resisted and let the install process take it own time
Seems to have worked OK here
Only a couple of days old so lots to test out
so far so good!!!

  Proclaimer 23:13 17 Jan 2009

on my disc so I will have to download it again.

I think the first issue I had was due to the Acronis Recovery Manager in my MBR. I removed that (and trashed my PC) and eventually tried to install from inside XP-Pro.

After about 5 mins the installation errored out with corrupt files warning so I will start again.

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