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New Laptop Battery - dies when unplugged

  Katherine “Katsura018” Domondon 20:39 14 Jan 2017

Hi I have an asusX355LD laptop (win 10), I changed the battery to a new one since the old one was done with its cycles (built in). It's seen when i do powercfg battery report (0c cycles etc) problem is when I unplug it, the laptop dies. I can't figure out what's wrong. Thanks in advance.

  mole44 03:02 15 Jan 2017

Where did you buy the battery from,there are lots of counterfeit batteries about you may have got a duff one,it always amazes me why people buy the "Cheapest" instead of proper items i'm not of course implying you did.

  Burn-it 16:40 15 Jan 2017

Did the old battery fail to work? If not just ignore the messages until it actually fails to hold a charge. Also it is possible to get the count reset if the battery is actually OK. Battery condition varies widely depending on how the machine and battery are used. I have batteries that have had that count reset several times and they are still in better condition than a cheap new battery. Heat and condensation are the biggest killers. It doesn't matter quite as much with modern batteries, but doing a full discharge (to 7%) and recharge cycle occasionally helps.

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