New DX10 Nvidia Drivers

  crosstrainer 15:49 27 Jul 2007

These have been released, and can be downloaded from

click here

I have tried them on the 6600GT and 7900GT cards, both in sli mode. The Vista perfomance hit is dramatic, anf games that refused to budge, or had issues before run smoothly and without problems.

I know this is not the case for everyone, but it may be that BIOS and chipset driver issues are to blame for other problems.

I have to say that they have got it right this time, and as an aside, they told us all that they would not support these cards under DX10

Well done Nvidia. Now have to buy two more 7900GT's and put Vista on my other PC!

  [email protected] 17:02 27 Jul 2007

2x 6600, 2x7900 2x8800 and another 2 7900 that makes 8 graphics cards? you're worse than me! just to add i think you only need to update bios and chipset drivers when you change hardware.

  crosstrainer 17:30 27 Jul 2007

I'm lucky I get to play at cheapo prices being an oem (now been told by senior staff member I AM RETIRED) but yes I'm a bit famous for having lots of kit around... If bored at night, at least I can take stuff to bits!

This turnaround about DX10 is good news for all. I will however continue to push the it all to the edge, you would think I would have outgrown it by now:)

  Pine Man 18:44 27 Jul 2007

Got a new 7600GT and now new drivers for it, it gets better and better.

MS Flight SimulatorX is great, the planes fly into the ground smooothly now. MS Train Simulator is still rubbish though, it must be something to do with Vista.

  Pine Man 19:23 27 Jul 2007

My 7600GT came in a box labelled 'Built for Vista'. The installation disc had Vista drivers on it and also in the box was a Rally game .........that won't run on Vista!

  crosstrainer 19:51 27 Jul 2007

Never be fooled by what's on the box, but sombody's getting clever here, my suppliers are offering me 7900's @ 35£ 2 days ago (prior to the release of DX10 drivers) 15£ per 10.

  [email protected] 20:19 27 Jul 2007

the beta has been out for months, im guessing this didnt include the dx 10 for the 6/7 cards? i was guessing they would have to be compatible with so many games being written for dx 9L. and thats what i am interested in, i wonder how it will all turn out with m/s threatening to to cull xp next year?

  crosstrainer 20:31 27 Jul 2007

Than that...we are looking at the battle between Windows 7, and the hardware issues involved.

It seems to me that the "buying new kit" option has now been negated by the consumer, I will take my hat off to those involved in this common sense approach to making kit work... Most of it new!

  crosstrainer 21:50 27 Jul 2007

The planes fly into the ground as a direct result of pilot error


thats the way it is

When I port my xp pedals and yolk to this vista rig, you copi, me captain, any approach you like :)

Gonna have to get get some new pedals "ouch" price

  [email protected] 15:43 05 Aug 2007

has anyone noticed only the us drivers seem available signed? or is it the same program, none of the uk links work can only find betas?
or is it one program suits all? if so what are the links for, seems to work fine, now i have it installed.

  Pine Man 16:45 05 Aug 2007

Is this what you are looking for?click here

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