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New drive [Q] in My Computer

  anniesboy68 12:36 03 May 2014

I have suddenly acquired a drive i.e Local Disk [Q]. It has no value shown i.e 0 byes under properties and access is not permitted. Has anybody any idea why this should have appeared and is it safe to remove it? AB68

  Secret-Squirrel 13:23 03 May 2014

Do you have "Microsoft Office 2010 Starter" edition installed?

  anniesboy68 14:09 03 May 2014

Yes I do ,downloaded it yesterday, is that the problem

  anniesboy68 14:45 03 May 2014

Thanks all for posting the information. I suppose I could have looked it up myself, but as it was I have had something queer happen on the PC and thought it was due to that. Ta anyway...AB68

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