New computer and data transfer - 75 year old

  Joyousbottom 08:47 04 Dec 2016

My sister is 75 and needs a new computer, She uses a tablet for everyday contact but a desk top for her household accounts etc. She not a novice but neither is she confident. Where can she go to get her old data transferred to a new computer with good after sales support. Would anyone recommend a laptop ?

  Forum Editor 09:55 04 Dec 2016

Pretty well everyone will recommend a laptop. They are just as capable as a desktop, can be used anywhere, and take up far less space.

If your sister has a reasonable level of proficiency, and her existing PC has a USB port, she can easily transfer data from one machine to the other, using a USB memory stick that can be bought almost anywhere. Most supermarkets sell them, as do large newsagents, phone shops, etc.

If your sister isn't too sure how to do the transfer, we can talk her/you through the process in easy-to-follow steps here, in the forum. Just post in this thread and ask for help.

For your sister's needs, any of the machines mentioned here will fit the bill.

  Joyousbottom 10:02 04 Dec 2016

Many thanks the reason she needs a new computer is because her present one has a virus. If she uses a memory stick could the virus be transferred ?

  awest3 10:15 04 Dec 2016

can you give us a bit more information on the virus please. having a virus should not necessitate buying a new PC, unless it's very old. Yes using a memory stick or anything else to transfer data could also transfer the virus. many free anti-malware apps are available to clear a pc of a virus..Malwarebytes, superantispyware, spybot or even the built in ones like Microsoft essentials (up to windows 7) or defender windows 10. what operating system is she using?

  Govan1x 11:27 04 Dec 2016

She has a tablet for everyday use.

That says to me that A desktop computer would probably be best for her unless she will be sitting at a table or desk to use the laptop.

Sitting it on her lap or using it in bed is a fire risk. Also more chance of accidental damage to the power supply or to the laptop.

Best bet would be to ask her what she would prefer.

  Jollyjohn 14:18 04 Dec 2016

May I humbly suggest a laptop but use it as a desktop, i.e. use the existing keyboard, mouse and monitor for ease of use but with the flexibility of being able to take the laptop away if needed??

  Burn-it 14:31 04 Dec 2016

Removing the virus will be a lot cheaper and save any learning curve!!

  Joyousbottom 21:09 04 Dec 2016

Computer is 10 years old and she has the funds for a new one. She needs something simple- imagine being 75 years old - not easy when you are young- but she wants it to do her banking- write letters - and book theatre tickets so No Gaming No Instagram No Twitter No Facebook in fact just using a computer to make life easier but not banal .

  Govan1x 23:39 04 Dec 2016

10 year old computer. Take it she does not have W10 on it then

If not and she has never tried W10 before I would shop around and see if she can get a new computer with W7 on it.

  Joyousbottom 08:36 05 Dec 2016

Thanks for all the valuable advice - lots to consider

  awest3 08:48 05 Dec 2016

If the replacement PC does have windows 10 on it, download and install 'classic Shell' which will make it look like windows 7. I have it on my 4 pc's. best of luck...

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