New build only sees 50% of old IDE hard drive

  mrwoowoo 04:33 28 Jun 2010

The new build that i put together for my son has a 500GB Sata hard drive. I also installed his old 80GB IDE hard drive as the board has an IDE port.
The problem is that before and after formating it's only seen as 40GB.

  sunnystaines 08:22 28 Jun 2010

had an occasion after a reformat where only half the hdd was visible, sorted by a low level format using tools from hdd makers web.

not sure if the same problem as you but keep as a last resort.

  mgmcc 11:52 28 Jun 2010

How does the drive appear in Disk Management ("Start > Run", type DISKMGMT.MSC and click OK)?

Is it perhaps an 80GB drive with a 40GB partition and 40GB of Unallocated Space?

  mrwoowoo 14:30 28 Jun 2010

Typing 'DISKMGMT.MSC' brings up the 'windows cannot find' error for some reason.
I will have a look at the manufacturers website later when i get home.
I realise that i haven't installed the motherboard driver disc yet. Could that be the problem?

  mrwoowoo 14:31 28 Jun 2010

Apparently, the total capacity is now down to 32GB.

  Strawballs 01:55 29 Jun 2010

If you go via control panel through admin tools you should be able to get to disc management that way and as long as there is no corrupt sectors you should be able to restore and format entire disc that way.

If not go with other suggestion of makers diagnostic software which should be free to download from their web site.

  sunnystaines 21:10 29 Jun 2010

hdd could be faulty, had a faulty seagate hdd from novatech once, replacement also faulty, 3rd time lucky.

[customer service by the way was excellent]

  ardubbleyu 08:37 07 Jul 2010

Some boards don't permit SATA drives and IDE drives to co-exist, or at best will give you problems if you try and do it. Have you checked your mobo's documentation for advice?

  Zeppelyn 15:55 11 Jul 2010

Has it got a capacity limit jumper perhaps?

An easier way to access disk management is to right click on my computer then select manage and from there disk management.

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