Network Issue getting big spikes in 1 computer's i

  Frana008 19:25 02 Jun 2017

Hi We have 2 computers with wireless adaptors running off the router. Computer 1 has about 40 ping and runs smoothly. Computer 2 has 40 ping and when it runs games the ping spikes up very high. Everything else is closed. When both computers are playing games, just computer 2 gets spikes. We would then unplug computer 2's usb wireless usb and put it back in and would work for a few minutes. Sometimes an hour...then spike again. Computer 2 has newer hardware and is better then 1. We have even formatted and reuploaded everything and updated and updated drivers...still same problem. Computer 2 also sometimes jumps into limited internet access aswell as signal strenght is not as high as computer 1. Even when all other devices are disconnected. Plz help.

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