Netgear router issues. wifi to ethernet connection?

  eric_bloodaxe 19:42 16 Apr 2015


I have a PC and a laptop. both run win 8 and I have set up a homegroup with them both. The router is a NetgeaRr WNR2000 v2. Problem is that when the laptop is connected by wifi to the router and the PC is using an ethernet cable the 2 will not connect to each other. Both can reach the internet but only by cabling the laptop to the router can I share files from one puter to the other. Is it possibl;e for this router to connect the 2 segments? should it happen automatically? if not what do I have to do? Any help will be gratefully received.

  rdave13 00:08 18 Apr 2015

Sounds like you haven't set the homegroup set-up properly. It takes the generated password to set it up for homegroup on all PCs in the group.


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