net framework 4 update problem

  imzy 15:46 08 Jul 2012

Hi there.

I am installing Windows Updates on my lapyop but it seems to be having trouble. When it gets to installing a certain update the system freezes and needs to be restarted.

The first time it happened it got stuck on UPDATE FOR MICEOSOFT NET FRAMEWORK 4. I had to do System Restore to get the laptop runnung again and this time I bypassed the 3 updates the had that heading but then in got stuck on SECURITY UPDATE FOR MICROSOFT NET FRAMEWORK 4.

Does anyone know why it is not installing these updates and how to fix the problem.


  chub_tor 16:13 08 Jul 2012

Are you absolutely certain that it is stuck? I have found that all the Net Framework updates take ages to download and install - 30 minutes is not unusual.

  difarn 16:17 08 Jul 2012

Try uninstalling the net framework then reinstalling from the Microsoft site here.

  imzy 16:32 08 Jul 2012

The update has been stuck for about an hour and a half now. Should I give it more time?

If you think it might help. how do you go about uninstalling the Bet Framework?

  difarn 17:31 08 Jul 2012

I would be inclined to try to do a repair first

Close any currently running applications.
Click Start, and type Uninstall in the Search box and then click Uninstall a program.
Double-click Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client

Profile to launch .NET Framework 4 Client Profile Maintenance dialog.

Select Repair .NET Framework 4 Client Profile to its original state and click Next.
Allow the repair to complete and then click Finish.
Click Restart Now to restart your computer.
You should then try to install the updates again.

If this fails then you can go through the first steps but do not choose repair but uninstall. You will then need to reinstall from the link I gave in my previous post.

  imzy 17:42 08 Jul 2012

Thanks difarn. Will give it a try. Let you know how I get on.

  difarn 18:15 08 Jul 2012

Good luck.

  imzy 19:22 08 Jul 2012

I tried doing the repair but just as it was about to finish it the screen froze again. Does this mean I should try to unintall and re-intall it?

  difarn 10:48 09 Jul 2012

Yes, I would try to do that.

  imzy 16:22 09 Jul 2012

Just a quick query before I uninstall. I am going to uninstall NET FRAMEWORK 4 CLIENT PROGILE and I am going to install NET FRAMEWORK 4, NOT NET FRAMEWORK 4 CLIENT PROFILE. Is that correct?

  difarn 17:09 09 Jul 2012

I would uninstall the client profile that may have become corrupted and then replace it with another client profile - there is a stand alone version here.

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