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Need to upgrade an older PC

  JJRFAN 16:20 21 Oct 2017

I have an Acer Aspire 5920 laptop PC running Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2. The PC has a usable hard drive capacity of 105 GB with 54.85 GB of free space. I would like to know to which version of Microsoft Windows I could upgrade because Vista is no longer supported. I am not the most experienced IT person so I would also like to know how to obtain a newer version of Windows, e.g. possibly download it, and how to install it. Thanks!

  Menzie 16:54 21 Oct 2017

Download and run the Windows Upgrade Checker as that works with Vista in the link provided.

It will tell you if your PC is compatible with Windows 10 or not.

click here

  Govan1x 18:41 21 Oct 2017

Shop arround for a W10 keycode if you go down that road. You usually get it a lot cheaper than buying it from Microsoft.

W7 would be the obvious choice but that is going the same way as Vista shortly.

You would probably have to do a clean install and not take anything with you from Vista.

I can see problems ahead so best of luck.

Maybe cheaper in the long run just buying a cheap computer with w10 on it.

  Jollyjohn 20:13 21 Oct 2017

Having looked up the specifications for your laptop, I would recomend the purchase of a new laptop with Windows 10 installed.

If you want to try and upgrade, the first step would be to go to and run the scanner. Upgrade to 4GB RAM.

I can foresee a lot of problems trying to upgrade this laptop.

  StephenCrossland 21:10 21 Oct 2017

If you get 4GB of RAM as Jollyjohn suggested above and that you have check out Menzie's link to see if Windows 10 can run on your machine.

Then I would strongly suggest you purchase a SSD. 240GB cost around £80. It will make the laptop run much faster and you can take it with you if ever you buy a new machine.

As Govan1x pointed out with a little investigation you can pick up Win 10 Pro code for around £20. But you can install Windows 10 without a code. It just limits you making a few specific changes.

Good luck with the journey,


  wee eddie 21:57 21 Oct 2017

If you don't use it on the internet, the fact that Vista is no longer supported becomes irrelevant.

Trying to upgrade it is likely to be a very frustrating experience, as all its parts are likely to have compatibility problems with any you add

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