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Need a replacement scanner that works with Windows 7 64bit

  Spock999 18:36 31 Mar 2012


Having moved to Windows 7 Home a while ago, I had not connected up my scanner. When I tried, it is not compatible with Windows 7 or 64bit.

Any advice on a decent inexpensive scanner? What I had was an A4 flatbed scanner which I use from tine to time to scan in documents or photos.


  john bunyan 20:28 31 Mar 2012

I like Canon and have a combined scanner/ printer but here is a reasonably priced scanner.

Canon scanner

  Spock999 20:48 31 Mar 2012

Yes. I have a Canon printer which I am very happy with.

Having done more research, the cheaper end of the market seems to be either:

Canon - LIDE 110 or 210


Epson - V33 or V330

with little to help you decide which is best.

  john bunyan 21:03 31 Mar 2012

I switched from Epson to Canon some time ago. As I am a keen photo enthusiast I have one that can scan 35 mm slides and negs plus A4 flatbed. For "normal" scanning I would go for either of the two; maybe an edge to the 210. Maybe wait a bit to see if others comment.

  Spock999 22:14 31 Mar 2012

Looking in detail at Amazon reviews leads me to think:

Lide 110 - High percentage like it but enough are anti to make me wonder a bit.

Lide 210 - Well liked. percentage of doubters and anti is significantly less than 110

V33 - Seeems reasonably well liked but quite a few are anti - more than 210. Software not well liked.

V330 - Significant percentage dislike it.

On balance the 210 looks the best bet but I will wait to see if there is more comment.

My previous scanner was a Visioneer 9020b. From printer experience, I would never buy an Epson printer again so I am somewhat biased in favour of Canon.

  johndrew 10:49 01 Apr 2012

I use an Epson V500 Photo which works fine with W7 Pro 64bit. It downloaded drivers automatically when it was plugged in and the supplied Epson and Abbyy software also function as with XP.

As an aside, my Epson Stylus 740 printer also automatically downloaded new drivers when connected and this works with W7 as well - much to my surprise as it's not exactly a new printer.

  Spock999 14:21 01 Apr 2012

The V500 does seem to be well liked. It is a bit more than I wanted to pay and while I am an enthusiastic photographer, I don't do much photo scanning so it is really more than I need.

  AroundAgain 22:28 01 Apr 2012

Hi I had to change my scanner once I upgraded to Win 7 64bit. I got the Canon Lide 210 and it seems fine. I previously had Canon Lide35.

However, with the 210, it won't work with an extended cable nor via usb hub. It will only work via a limited length cable; I think about 2 metres max length. I did phone Canon about this and they insisted the cable can't be longer.

This means I can't have the scanner in the same place as my previous one which is a nuisance and means I need to rearrange my desk!!!

Other than that, I think it's a good machine.

  Spock999 09:05 02 Apr 2012

Thanks. That is useful information.

I think I will be OK though as I have a spare USB port in the case.

I will be ordering the LIDE 210 later today. Thank you all for your assistance.

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