Need help to recover my compaq cq60 back to factory settings

  krysia1 20:01 21 Jan 2013

Hi all

I would like to re set my compaq cq60 back to it's original factory setting, I have done this previously when it was under warrenty with one of the Techguys, however I cant remember how, I've tried hitting F11 but nothing happens, I've searched Recovery manager but its asking for a disk, which I never had to do before, I'm assuming its a virus but can't be sure?, I've recently changed my internet provider from Sky to Talktalk, every few minutes or so when just browsing the net I get a page coming up saying "no server found" even though my wireless network is still connected, I've contacted talktalk and they said they would monitor the line however if an engineer comes out and it's not there fault I will be charged, I never had this problem when I was with sky only when I changed to talktalk, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated is it a virus or talktalk?

Thank you

  lotvic 20:30 21 Jan 2013

Could be anything. First you have to find out if:

1.The Router is disconnecting from Talktalk internet.

2.Your laptop/pc wireless is disconnecting from Router.

3.The strength of the wireless signal from the router to your laptop/pc (should be 54Mbps

4.If it still happens if you connect to the router with an ethernet cable.

Do you have ADSL or FTTC (fibre). If you have ADSL have you got the filters plugged in for all the phones etc, as if not that causes the router to constantly disconnect and reconnect to internet. Have you tried plugging the router into the connection behind the master socket's faceplate? (that cuts out all the phone extensions and if you still get disconnections then you can be sure it is not your internal phone wiring)

Virus or malware.... unlikely but hopefully you have done full scans with your antivirus and an anti malware program malwarebytes is recommended and is free. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free (don't be tempted to get the paid for Pro version, the free one is what you need so you can just run a scan when you want to)

As for restoring back to factory settings on the Compaq cq60, that will depend on the Op Sys you have (XP, Vista, W7) and if that is the original Op Sys you had.

  alanrwood 21:36 21 Jan 2013

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