Need help with my harddrive/windows

  Maiken 18:10 01 Dec 2016

I have ordered new computer components to upgrade my old one. New motherboard, new cpu, new ram and new chassi.

I wonder what im gonna do with my harddrive because i have a new motherboard and im using my old harddrive. What will happen with windows?

Do i need to delete everything in my harddrive including windows? And how do i do that?

Do i need to buy a new windows?

Specs right now: Operating System Windows 8.1 64-bit CPU AMD A10-5700
RAM 8,00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz Motherboard MSI 2AE0 (P0)
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 (ASUStek Computer Inc) Storage 931GB Seagate ST1000DM003-1CH162 (SATA)

  lotvic 21:08 01 Dec 2016

It depends if your Windows 8.1 is OEM (tied to motherboard) or is Retail (can be reinstalled on any pc).

  Maiken 21:22 01 Dec 2016

Its oem

  lotvic 22:55 01 Dec 2016

Is it 'big brand' pre-installed, Dell, HP, ? etc? and has COA sticker on tower, or was it purchased as OEM and then installed? or was pc system built for you and small local shop installed it?

Also, did you get the free update to Windows 10?

  Maiken 14:27 02 Dec 2016

Its an HP computer that i bought 3 years ago and it was already built by them.

  Maiken 14:27 02 Dec 2016

yes i got a free upgrade to windows 10 but then i restored my whole pc and now i have windows 8.1

  lotvic 15:05 02 Dec 2016

You still can reinstall for free W10 on that motherboard, it's ID will be registered on Microsoft server as a (OEM) Digital Entitlement Licence. You can download W10 iso file from microsoft click here

W8.1/W10: if you replace the motherboard with a non HP OEM motherboard, the OEM HP activation will be lost and you'll have to purchase a new Windows operating system. You could try the new motherboard with your old hard drive but I don't think Windows would remain activated. If it doesn't you could attempt the phone option to MS and say you've had to replace a failed motherboard only 3 yrs old, they may possibly re-activate it for you if you are lucky. (the above is IMHO, others may have different info to offer you)

  Maiken 16:19 02 Dec 2016

But if i use my old hard drive, will something of my new components be ruined?

Can i just by a new windows and install it with no problems?

  BRYNIT 16:39 02 Dec 2016

You won't be able to install Windows 8.1 as it will not activate. You should be able to install Windows 10. Have a read of How to reactivate Windows 10 after hardware change CLICK HERE.

When I changed the Motherboard etc on my computer I needed the product key for the original OS as I had not linked the Win 10 digital signature with my Microsoft account.

  Maiken 16:42 02 Dec 2016

So i can use my old hard drive without any problems??

  Maiken 16:43 02 Dec 2016

if i first format it?

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