Need help in connecting pc to external monitor...

  Amith 21:39 20 Jul 2018

Pc model: HP ProOne 400 G1 AiO pc. My pc’s display was broken and I don’t have money to fix the display. But I have an external monitor. The thing is when I connect pc to the monitor (using VGA cable) it doesn’t show anything. I have to use the fn keys to change the display but I don’t know which key. I tried all the fn keys but it didn’t work. Anyone out there to help me?

  Amith 20:28 21 Jul 2018

Thanks man I’ll try it out and see if it works...

  Amith 12:29 22 Jul 2018

Is there any way to change the display without logging into my account? It looks I can’t enter the password correctly without seeing what’s happening.

  Liam Wardle 15:47 22 Jul 2018

Hi, chances are the computer is still thinking that you are using your laptop screen as the main monitor. If you allow windows to boot up you can click the space bar to go onto password screen. After that, you can press the windows key and "p" this would bring up the project screen. I know you cannot see what is going on but by keeping hold of the windows button and keep pressing the p key leaving a few seconds between each press it should eventually go to the second screen only. This will make your monitor the only display your computer will use. Hope this helped! Liam

  Liam Wardle 16:02 22 Jul 2018

rdave13 Yeah that's one of the ways o you can just take your hand off of the windows button. I probably should have mentioned that!

  shivaniinfo31 06:46 25 Jul 2018

ok. I will try this solution.

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