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Need help with choosing a laptop

  La717 15:23 01 Aug 2020

I'm a newbie, not very techno minded, so please bear that in mind when you answer. I'm buying the laptop for a relative, who's main goal would be graphics & digital art. I have £1,500 to spend but can go higher if necessary, I'm looking for a high quality laptop but I dont want a Mac. The following is what I require.
16gb+ RAM iCore7 500+GB storage Preferably 15" screen size but negotiable No 2-in-1 or touch screen Anti-glare screen

  hastelloy 17:35 01 Aug 2020

Try PC Specialist and configure it yourself.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:06 01 Aug 2020

.....................who's main goal would be graphics & digital art..... I have £1,500 to spend.............

The Dell XPS range of laptops are designed with content creators in mind. Their screens are sharp, bright, and color accurate which is essential for photo and video work.

Last year's XPS 15 will be perfect for the job in hand and it even exceeds your requirements at just £1,449. Be quick though as they won't be in stock forever.

The equivalent newly released XPS 15 costs nearly £2000 but all you get is a slightly different shaped screen and a couple of sub woofers. Last year's models will do the job just as well for a lot cheaper.

  La717 20:24 01 Aug 2020

Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate it. I'm sure that Dell one fits the bill nicely, but my niece specifically wants me to buy from somewhere that offers accidental damage together with the warranty. (There are small kids in the household). I've been looking at this one & wondered if you guys think this could be suitable. httpss://

  john bunyan 20:51 01 Aug 2020

If John Lewis sells your choice, they give a 2 year warranty. If you buy from Dell direct they have reasonably priced on site warranties

  wee eddie 22:50 01 Aug 2020

Your Household Insurance would cover Accidental Damage. Although a PC o0f that value might have to be specified as an individual item

  x13 07:13 02 Aug 2020

Is this the laptop? Link . Looks a nice machine. Found a similar HP laptop review but note that your data drive is 1TB not 2TB and your processor is higher spec. Link

  Secret-Squirrel 09:20 02 Aug 2020

................but my niece specifically wants me to buy from somewhere that offers accidental damage..........

John's correct - just select Dell's "Premium Support Plus" at the checkout.

............ & wondered if you guys think this could be suitable.

If your niece doesn't mind an ugly plastic gaming laptop then it'll be OK.

  La717 15:51 02 Aug 2020

@x13 Yes that was the one, I'm still not sure but I'll probably end up going for a Dell one. @Secret-Squirrel It must be subjective because neither of us thinks that laptop looks ugly, but obviously I can't vouch for its material. Thanks for all of your input guys.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:34 02 Aug 2020

Apologies if my comments sounded harsh but I didn't think that a female would appreciate a gaming laptop with that masculine chunky case. It'll work just fine if she likes it but it wasn't designed around her specific requirements.

The XPS 15 is a premium product and is considered by professionals to be one of the best for photo and video work and content creation.

  La717 19:37 02 Aug 2020

No need to apologize for giving your opinion, which I didn't find harsh. Thanks again, cos your comments have solidified my choice for the XPS 15.

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