Mystery icon in Windows 7

  Leonardo of Pisa 17:11 02 Dec 2014

I suspect that this is something simple that everyone but myself is aware of, but...

I've started getting a small image of a rotating circle on my screen. Usually, when I first load a program or perhaps moving from one window to another within an application. The PC also seems a bit sluggish, but this may be subjective.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Many thanks, L of P

  spuds 17:19 02 Dec 2014

Have you any programs running in the background.

If you have CCleaner installed, then check with that, including the Start-up. CCleaner (free) click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:46 02 Dec 2014

a small image of a rotating circle on my screen

this is the normal icon for windows processing (used to be an egg timer) will normally be on for a couple of seconds at most unless your processor and memory is already running flat out. Too many windows open will cause it a lagrge program such as antivirus running a scan in the background will also cause it.

Use Task manager (CTRl ALt DEl) to see what is taking up cpu cycles or memory usage.

  wee eddie 18:00 02 Dec 2014

As had been said: This tells you that your Program is still loading.

Usually this happens when you have something running in the background. Frequent culprits are your Antivirus and the Windows Search Feature as it sorts the items on the drive

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