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Is my Windows 7 Recovery Partition Damaged?

  arnoldloudly 06:19 02 Jul 2017

I deleted Win7 [main partition] on purpose, leaving the recovery partition untouched. Now, I need 7 installed again, but the install option reports errors and fails to complete. Recovery partition exists alone on its HDD, whilst I have between 2 and 4 Linux OS's on a second HDD. What have I screwed up, and can I fix it? Thanks

  BRYNIT 09:16 02 Jul 2017

Was the second HDD added to your computer if so remove it and try again. If you had the option to create a set of recovery disk and did find them as these should allow you to reinstall windows if the recovery parrtition was corrupt or you needed to install to a new HDD.

  alanrwood 12:52 02 Jul 2017

Were you using a dual boot systemm. If so then the Linux installs may be interfering with the boot/install process

  MLA2000 18:02 02 Jul 2017

You can try disconnecting the second HDD.

If you need to get a new recovery partition, you can download Windows 7 here.

  alanrwood 09:21 03 Jul 2017

Downloading Win 7 iso is not the same as creating a Recovery Partition. A Recovery Partition includes all the specific drivers for the non Microsoft items together with any programs supplied originally ie Office ie it restores the computer back to its original state when purchased. Also the Recovery Partition is usually hidden.

I am still wondering if the OP was dual booting Windows and Linux.

  joannecriss 09:43 03 Jul 2017

Very Nice post.

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