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My Views after a few weeks use

  sharpamat 08:24 04 Nov 2011

Having run the DP for several weeks as a home user using duel boot, I feel it will be a worthy follow on from windows 7 .The last preview I found to be this stale was Win 98 its faster to boot up. Faster to open the applications I use, and a much clearer display. Using the gadgets I have closely followed the usage of various aspects and all give lower use than 7

It does seem the Metro to replace the start menu is here to stay , Once it has been used I don't find it a problem, and may invest in a touch screen monitor, and it seems Microsoft is already dealing with the shutdown switch issue.

I have found that all my programs which I have used before I have installed without problems. The only exception has been a DTV USB stick , no drivers or hot fix's are available as there were none for Win 7

I find I am using the DP more often than Win 7.

I look forward to the Beta Version and if the same deals that were available as per win 7 I would take advantage and install it.

  Jwbjnwolf 15:02 03 Jan 2012

Jakky11 You know that a lot of people really find double posts annoying?

I can sort of understand if it was an accident but there again, how could it be an accident? as the browser reloads, unless the post didn't seem to of gone through.

But just to make sure you know, as I am sure FE would be shouting at me if I kept doing double posts or greater.

There is absolutely no need for it.

  sharpamat 08:15 15 Jan 2012

Perhaps the poster can support this statement with facts

( Many doctors have a "check-in" system which is a touchscreen one but these are now being reconsidered from a hygiene point of view : Dr. Charles(retired now))

Our own GP has no knowledge of it, Touchscreens are a daily part of modern life. rangeing from moble phones, to cashpoints,to railway ticket machines to hospital car parks etc. Dispite searching I have not found a single artical to support this statement. I do know it is far easier to properley clean a touch screen monitor. than standard input methods such as keyboards and mice. which have many nooks and joins.

  Jwbjnwolf 13:58 15 Jan 2012

I like your thinking. That should sound obvious. So ok touchscreens get more dirty in such a short time, but are much easier to clean.

Keyboard and mice are so much less hygienic in public places due to what you just said about cleaning them.

And who wants to waste there time fiddling with a mouse and keyboard if the same task can be done in half the time with touchscreen. And at least with touchscreens, people that cant use a mouse/keyboard don't need to rely on others to do it for them.

  sharpamat 08:16 16 Jan 2012

Dr. Charles is shown as the last poster, however this addition is not displayed, perhaps the FE can explain why ??

  Forum Editor 13:18 22 Jan 2012


I deleted the post. Not because there was anything wrong with it, per se, but because it was posted in the wrong forum area. It was a pretty long post, so I sent the text to the person concerned, suggesting that it might be better positioned in another forum area. He decided not to do that, as there was some factually incorrect information in the text.

  sharpamat 14:02 22 Jan 2012

Many thanks FE

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