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My Views after a few weeks use

  sharpamat 08:24 04 Nov 2011

Having run the DP for several weeks as a home user using duel boot, I feel it will be a worthy follow on from windows 7 .The last preview I found to be this stale was Win 98 its faster to boot up. Faster to open the applications I use, and a much clearer display. Using the gadgets I have closely followed the usage of various aspects and all give lower use than 7

It does seem the Metro to replace the start menu is here to stay , Once it has been used I don't find it a problem, and may invest in a touch screen monitor, and it seems Microsoft is already dealing with the shutdown switch issue.

I have found that all my programs which I have used before I have installed without problems. The only exception has been a DTV USB stick , no drivers or hot fix's are available as there were none for Win 7

I find I am using the DP more often than Win 7.

I look forward to the Beta Version and if the same deals that were available as per win 7 I would take advantage and install it.

  sharpamat 11:13 04 Nov 2011

How will a pc screen be any different?

Thats a question I fear will that very few will be able to provide an answer to. We can only await the next stage from Microsoft to see if there will be an option or choise of menus

I did disable the Metro but found it did not respond fully and reenabled it

  sharpamat 09:06 12 Nov 2011

Having finished what I wanted to see in Windows 8 I have now removed it without any problem

  Jwbjnwolf 17:40 12 Nov 2011

I find that the biggest annoyance at the moment is restarting. It is quicker to shutdown and switch back on than it is restarting. Shutting down seems to take a long time, but no worse than windows 7.

When I had vista, I found that it actually shut down a lot faster than win7, but then win7 quicker to startup.

The aero works lovely on my netbook, but win8 is not that fantastic for word processing on on a 1gb ram netbook. It is ok with my sisters 1gb ram netbook as she is not doing much stuff so she is hardly using over 100mb ram, but because I am using at college, I have been very easily using the 300mb ram out of 1gb ram that windows 8 was leaving for me, but as soon as put 2gb ram in, it is now almost perfect.

It could be a lot better if using more powerful machine, but it is 100x better than the 1gb ram college PCs which have win7 pro on which is so stupid. and there we are, meant to be using them for programming at a later stage!

Thats why taking my netbook, as well as don't need to worry about logging on and off, I just need to shut the lid, put away in my rucksack whilst it is going into hibernation, and switching it back on again in the taxi home etc.

And it starts up from a cold boot quicker that what it takes those PCs to open windows explorer to the libraries page.

  sharpamat 18:44 12 Nov 2011

Do not know what method you are useing to shutdown I installed from Gadgets The Vista one which seemed fine. Do not know how you will get rid of it off of a netbook. dont forget its only usable untill March 2012

  Jwbjnwolf 19:29 12 Nov 2011

I know, came across that expiry date can't remember where though. But I most certainly gonna get the beta! Can't wait! I have never been so excited about a windows os before, but this is really interesting, windows 8, and my opinion is that it is a huge step forward, but they should still keep having the classic menu as an option, at least for a while.

  Forum Editor 12:04 13 Nov 2011

"I just need to shut the lid, put away in my rucksack whilst it is going into hibernation, and switching it back on again in the taxi home etc."

Taxi home, from college?

My,my. Times they are a changin!

  Jwbjnwolf 12:30 13 Nov 2011

*"I just need to shut the lid, put away in my rucksack whilst it is going into hibernation, and switching it back on again in the taxi home etc." Taxi home, from college? My,my. Times they are a changin!*

What you mean there FE? It only a little private taxi with a few other college kids that the council have organized as can't go on public bus by myself.

And also, all way out in the sticks, compared to college all the way in town.

  Jwbjnwolf 17:09 14 Nov 2011

Would you put a 7yr old on a very busy bus by themselves?

I am not making excuses, but alone in a very busy public area is what I am vunarable at.

I have Autism.

Council and social services tried doing travel training but the person that does the travel training doesn't have a CRB, so he can only do it with over 18s.

I just am not ready yet.

It was bad enough in year 7 when caught public bus to local secondary school, but that was whilst staying out of town, do it were almost just me and 2 others as well as the driver obviously.

Also, If I were getting the public bus, I would either have to get off in middle of town and walk a distance and catch another or get off by the station, which if I were to say which station, you may know the reason that my mum and I hate.

But am not saying as a bit too much detail of where in uk located.

Not going to talk about any more as, I would if I were ready, but I am not at the moment.

The only reason I am able to go around where I live on my own is because are not in town. Are in a quiet village.

And my mum would help me, but she is busy looking after my sister.

Any way,

Think that this should end as what is taxis to do with win8

  Forum Editor 11:03 03 Dec 2011


I don't think we need a little lecture about knee jerk reactions. I responded in a light-hearted way to something that was said. Jwarn subsequently explained the circumstances,and that made perfect sense. Let's leave it at that. This is a Windows 8 thread.

  Jwbjnwolf 11:22 03 Dec 2011

Better had fe. Don't wanna have to fix the forums due to all the squabbling breaking it, especially windows 8 forum before windows 8 beta is even out! ;)




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