my toshiba laptop hard drive has

  roger.roger 10:10 07 Feb 2018

died,utterly and completely. I have tried it in a caddy with windows and linux but nothing. Luckily I have every thing backed up to an external drive, so no problem there.

I am going to replace the hard drive with a new one and hopefully install windows 7. I have the windows key but the laptop came with no recovery disk and when I tried to make one, a long time ago, it failed.

So I have the key and no disk. I have been on the Microsoft site but it just goes around in circles and tries to sell me a windows 10 disk.

is there any legal way around it?

thanks in advance.

  john bunyan 11:00 07 Feb 2018

At worst:

e bay

  roger.roger 16:44 07 Feb 2018


I have tried that already but even though it's a valid key Microsoft just refers me to the store to buy a current windows operating disk.

  BRYNIT 17:25 07 Feb 2018

You can download a Windows 7 ISO with all versions from CLICK HERE

  BRYNIT 17:30 07 Feb 2018

Forgot to say use the correct version of window 7 for your laptop.

  roger.roger 19:04 07 Feb 2018

thanks BRYNIT

spot on. Job done. Thanks to all.

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