My thumbnails have gone video files.

  Brig2 02:44 08 Nov 2015

The thumbnails have disappeared on my video files with just the icons remaining, how can I get the thumbnails back?.

  rdave13 12:05 08 Nov 2015

Open a folder with photos in it. At the top select view. To the right click Options then 'Change folder and search options' in the dropdown menu or just click the icon. In the folder options popup select view and tick the box for 'display the file icon on thumbnails' and untick the box for 'always show icons , never thumbnails'. Click apply.

  rdave13 12:06 08 Nov 2015

I'm assuming you have Windows 10.

  Brig2 22:51 09 Nov 2015

Thanks, but I already have that, and there are thumbnails on my photos but not on videos where they used to be. Sorry, yes I have Windows 10 and 8Gb of RAM.

  rdave13 11:58 10 Nov 2015

Run disk cleanup, untick all except icon cashe

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