My PC stuck on the windows login logo

  Samip Lamchane Gurung 18:25 15 Apr 2017

Hello. I tried to turn on my computer today and it got stuck in the windows logo screen. So I tries to run it into the safe mode; no luck this time it got stuck on the classpng.sys thing. So I did auto repair and it says it cannot auto repair ;^;. What do I do now?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:04 15 Apr 2017

Win 10?

make a usb boot media and run the repair from that

  Samip Lamchane Gurung 19:35 15 Apr 2017

No mine is windows 7. Also this is my only windows PC that I have. I have a Mac.

  Secret-Squirrel 20:04 15 Apr 2017

A Google search tells me that your problem can be caused by a USB peripheral or optical disk so disconnect all removable drives then check the CD/DVD tray has nothing in it. Turn off your computer by holding in its power button then turn it back on again to reboot.

  Samip Lamchane Gurung 20:15 15 Apr 2017

Yes, I have tried that, I removed everything apart thing apart from my keyboard And my mouse and still the issue persist. :<

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:53 15 Apr 2017

Tap F8 as you power on and it should take you to the Repair menu.

  rickf 23:18 15 Apr 2017

Have you got a 2nd slave drive in the PC.If so shut down, unplugged it and start wins again.

  Samip Lamchane Gurung 12:28 17 Apr 2017

Okay anyways; since the version of the window I was using non genuine; I bought the windows 10 but it goes on a continue loop of . window installing... I wait then after 100% it says window needs to reaatart to continue bit after restarting... I have to install again....and the loop goes on and on.

  Samip Lamchane Gurung 12:36 17 Apr 2017

I have started a new question, idk how to delete this.

  Samip Lamchane Gurung 12:56 17 Apr 2017

Solved thanks all for help O

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