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My pc getting trouble.I do know what to do?

  Anon-2454287 09:13 26 Nov 2019

My pc getting problem.first trouble startup cannot repair,I start repair on evening and not finish in morning next day.Then next trouble pc when I on pc hardrive cannot boot.Then I try format but its take a long time same like my first trouble not finish,that stage have go to complete finish and then pc cannot restart.And then I try safe mode but its getting black screen.So now I do no what to do?

  Anon-2445101 13:41 26 Nov 2019

Sounds to me as the HDD has died.

  Anon-2454287 14:31 26 Nov 2019

How I want know hdd died.Now I have format again and it take time again in set up window.This boot trouble I think around 5 time before this trouble but pc can on when I turn off supply power and then on.If died can you recommend how to fix hdd before I buy.

  Anon-2454287 14:41 26 Nov 2019

Now format is finish.Now have some tips you can give to avoid this trouble again because it take long time to repair startup and format.And can tips to fix hdd.

  Anon-332352 10:23 28 Nov 2019

With the format complete and Windows re-installed and set up how you want it then buy a separate hard drive and back up your installation, that way you will always have a good copy to go back to should you run into problems in the future. Use something like the free edition of Macrium Reflect Click Here Backing up is essential.

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