Is my PC dead? Power ON, NO boot, NO BIOS

  notsotechie17 10:37 18 Mar 2019

Hi all,

Is my old laptop dead? Recently my old Sony Vaio (VPCEA3S1E) has had booting problems.

It powers on, the fan runs steady for about 5 seconds, after the 5 seconds the fan starts to speed up until my machine turns off completely. I am unable to get into my BIOS, my screen is completely black, it is not dim, it's pure black with no video signal what so ever.

Before I start explaining what I have tried to do with my laptop, it is important to note that I have taken it to a repair shop and was told that my Windows 10 was corrupt, and that I think that the problem might be in my HDD. But even then, if the problem was in my HDD, wouldn't I still be able to boot into my BIOS?

Things I have tried:

Connecting to an external monitor - Still no video signal.

Using 1 ram slot at a time/Replacing my rams completely/Trying to boot without any ram installed - Still no boot.

Tried to check for a burnt CPU - Removed the fan and the cooling system, the CPU showed no evident signs of being burnt. I then powered on my machine for a few seconds to check if the CPU was getting warm (It was, the CPU did not remain cold, it heated up, so I imagine the problem may not be in the CPU).

Tried replacing the CMOS battery - Still no boot.

Tried booting without the HDD - Still no boot.

One thing that I have tried which might help:

I tried to use a NEW HDD in my broken down laptop, it still never managed to boot, however powered on normally as it does for 10 seconds without any video signal. What I found interesting is that when I moved the NEW HDD from the broken laptop into another working laptop, when trying to boot it up, the working laptop suddenly showed the same symptoms. It would only turn on for 10 seconds, no video signal and unable to get into BIOS. Interestingly though, when taking it to the repair shop they managed to fix it, however they could never fix my originally broken laptop with the same exact symptoms.

This is why I think the problem cannot lie in the motherboard or any processors or ram or batteries, all the cables are connected and the whole motherboard plate shows no evident signs of being burnt or broken down.

When powering on my broken machine it does not beep, but does show the LED lights to be ON. However, when I inserted the HDD into the other laptop and it broke down, that other laptop did not been upon start up either, yet the repair shop was able to fix it.

What I think I should try:

Given that the repair shop told me that my Windows was corrupt, I assume it could be a possibility to remove the HDD from the broken laptop, insert it into an external HDD adapter case, and plug it into my other machine, format it, and create a NEW bootable Window 10 ISO. However my question is, if I happen to install a new bootable ISO on my external HDD, would there be any video signal on my broken machine so that I can run the installation on it?

Please let me know if I have missed anything, or If I should try anything else at all. I am really surprised that the repair shop could only fix one of my 2 broken laptops with the same problem. Before this problem even occurred on any of my laptops, they were working flawlessly, and the repaired one is still working great.

Does anyone have any recommendations, is creating a brand new external HDD with an ISO of Windows 10 on it my only option? And if it is, will my screen on the broken laptop show any video signal after installing a brand new formatted HDD with Windows 10 on it?

Thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:11 18 Mar 2019

Try booting from a win 10 iso on USB or from a linux distro on USB (hope your BIOS is preset to boot from USB first), if still same try booting from USB with HDD removed.

  wiganken2 13:19 20 Mar 2019

You say "Is my old laptop dead?". You use the word "old". If it is that old then the only reason I can see for expending all this effort to get it back up and running is because you have files on it that you have not backed up and you need to get them back. Even if you do manage to fix it it will still be an "old laptop" (your words). If this is not the case have you considered that the laptop has "had it's day" and replace it with a modern laptop with faster components (like an SSD)? I have had a DELL laptop with SSD since November 2018 and the speed is so much faster than HDDs that when I use other laptops with HDDs I genuinely think they have problems when in fact they are just slow. Of course it may be that you see it as a challenge and are interested in fixing it just for pleasure, in which case ignore my suggestion.

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