My Own Emails don't arrive in Inbox

  cowgirl66 17:38 09 Mar 2008

Hi, I have Windows Vista, Windows Mail etc, and all is working fine.

Except if I try to send an email to myself, even a tester with just one word in subject ("test")
and a few simple words in the Message, something is stopping it from arriving in my Inbox.

The message is sent, no problem. But it just doesnt come back to me.

Any idease please?

Regards cowgirl66

  ray7 11:32 10 Mar 2008

I've just loaded Vista and had exactly the same 'problem'
In my case the solution was simple (but took 2 days to realise). Previousy running outlook express where inbox messages automatically showed, I did'nt realise in windows mail I had to physically click 'send/receive' to bring them up on screen.

  cowgirl66 16:19 10 Mar 2008

Hi Ray7,

I have been clicking Send/Receive until my fingertip is raw but I gave up in the end. Thus my letter for help in here!

Regards cowgirl66

  peter99co 17:37 10 Mar 2008

Install Mailwasher and you can see your emails on the server before download and is excellent for spam prevention.

  thms 18:38 10 Mar 2008

Go to tools/accounts select your account and click on properties tick the use this account when recieving.

You could also try going to view/current view and select show all messages.

  cowgirl66 09:52 11 Mar 2008

Have already got spam protection with McAfee Security Version8, peter. So that rules out Mailwasher as an option I'm afraid.

I have checked the settings you mentioned, thms, and they are already set in that way.

Could it be to do with my mail server? I have been through all their POP3 settings though and as I say, I'm receiving ALL emails except the ones I send to myself, be it either a forwarded webpage email (one where you click on Page > Send Page By Email) or simply create a new email and address it to myself with no attachments, just a few words to test if I can get this thing to work.

Regards cowgirl66

  peter99co 10:55 11 Mar 2008

Before you dismiss Mailwasher I would see it on the website to understand how it works.The spam can be detected before you download your mail and is deleted from the server.It never gets to your inbox in the 1st place.

  Forum Member2 12:55 11 Mar 2008

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