KarlMackayy 20:28 18 Apr 2018

Hi, So i purchased this gaming computer not that long ago and straight from me setting it up until now every so often it either goes to a black screen for a couple of seconds and then back on or it goes to a fuzzy looking screen. The PC hasnt got any virus or malware as i havent downloaded anything apart from chrome and steam and it is running on windows 10.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:01 19 Apr 2018

if it's new then take it back.

are you using onboard graphics or a graphics card?

  MJS WARLORD 18:23 20 Apr 2018


If you got a major problem with a pc you must take it back asap , don't even leave it till the weekend do it now.

This is because the very well known high street shop are very unhelpful , in some cases they seem to make the rules up as they go along.

The last pc I purchased from "that" shop was faulty but due to a delay in new pc's furniture I had it on my home for a week before I used it..... it was obvious it was faulty but as it was a week old they made me have it repaired.

Also don't kick off in the shop or you will be asked to leave , if you take the faulty pc to another branch you will find out you have been red flagged for kicking off in the other store.

  griffon56 16:19 07 May 2018

Hi KarlMackkay, under consumer law, if a item has a fault within 6 months of purchase then the retailer has to prove that it didn't have the fault at the time of purchase, the consumer does not have to prove that it did. Also,under EU Law there is a two (2) year guarantee on everything by default, not just a one (1) year guarantee given by most manufacturers. When they say that your rights are not infringed, this is one of them. Google for it to get the details. Also, there is a period of up to 6 years in which claims under guarantee can be made in court in England for items which ought to have a long life, like fridges, washing machines, computers, microwaves and the like. However, you'd have to take the retailer to law and win in Court to make this stick. Do a bit of Googling for the details. If you're in Scotland the period for this is 5 years. Good luck, Rog

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