My Network Connection settings problem newbie user

  bones1 21:31 20 Dec 2014

Hi I have been trying to get a security issue straightened out. I think I almost have it, but one setting keeps getting changed back somehow when I log off, and come back to my computer later. FILE and PRINTER SHARING: I keep checking the box to the OFF position, and then click save changes. Then I go back and check to make sure its correct. But somehow, it is getting changed back pretty often. Sometimes so is PASSWORD PROTECTED SHARING: under the public section, which I always have to ON. I dont understand if the other person on the Network w/me in the home can get in there somehow, or the system is somehow changing it back. I am not a computer extrordinair, niether is the other home occupant, so I dont know what to think. But there is sensitive information on the system(financial, and other)and this is driving me insane. I could really use some help. Thank you.

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