My monitor showing out of range while installing w

  Apoorv 11:02 31 Dec 2016

I'm trying to install Windows 10 but monitor showing out of range..

  Burn-it 14:12 31 Dec 2016

You are driving it at an invalid refresh rate/resolution combination. You should reset it to 60hz and the default resolution for the monitor before you try upgrading. It does seem strange that this is happening if you are booting to install media, though it can happen doing an upgrade from a previous version.

  alanrwood 16:28 31 Dec 2016

To do so you need to boot into safe mode or you don't have any display on which to change the resolution.

  Apoorv 17:27 31 Dec 2016

How can I change the screen resolution refresh rate of my monitor?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:10 31 Dec 2016

what op system are you using now? refresh rate is usually found as pat of display settings just right click an empty area of the desktop and select display settings from the menu.

  Apoorv 04:47 01 Jan 2017

I have not installed any OS YET, THAT'S WHY I HAVING PROBLEM !

  rdave13 09:26 01 Jan 2017

Shot in the dark here. I use an external monitor with my laptop and a new HDMI cable wouldn't work with my AOC monitor for some reason. Finding an older bog standard HDMI cable ( old SKY one) and works perfectly.

Difference in HDMI cables, click here . This is assuming you're connecting via HDMI. You don't supply much information.

  Burn-it 17:17 01 Jan 2017

I wonder whether the install media you are using has been modified since they should always use settings that are safe for pretty much any monitor. Try using the buttons on the front of the monitor to reset it to default. 640x480 @ 60Hz should always give you a picture to start from.

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