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My Laptop is very unstable after reparations

  Evy de Jong 18:14 11 Apr 2017

I have an Toshiba satellite S50D-A-10L which refused to start up 2 months ago. Since I had a warrant till my laptop was 3 years old, and it was a bit over 2 years old, it was send to Toshiba and they ended up replacing my motherboard and harddisk. After getting it back I had some trouble with Windows Update (it kept searching for updates, even after turning that feature off, making my pc crash either because of 100% disk usage or because of processor usage) The updates didn't seem to fetch correctly, but after one night of it searching, it said I needed to download 230 updates and that problem went away. What didn't go away, was the frequent crashing of Windows. It was given back to me "clean", except for the documents, music, photo's and videos and my download folder. I know for a fact it doesn't have virusses. (I had antivirus, and I checked it again with a different program) Now comes the problem, my pc freezes every couple of hours, for what it seems to me to be a graphic card issue (I use Photoshop quite a lot and it only crashes when that program, and my browser Opera are open.) It isn't slow before crashing, it just happens all of the sudden. At first it gave the message that my graphic system had crashed and was restored. I tried the fix with delaying that message via the registry, but it still happens, the message just doesn't show up anymore and my cursor will become unresponsive. I looked trough the registry with the fault codes and one that kept coming up was "the DTS APO Service-Service has crashed during startup". My pc worked fairly well before the Toshiba reset (it crashed every once in a while, but not like it is now). Any suggestions for how to fix this? It's jist weird because pretty much all of the hardware is replaced but it's even worse than before

  Evy de Jong 20:21 12 Apr 2017

Thank you guys, I've just updated my graphics card drivers, I'll see how it goes. I also deleted Audacity from my pc for the time I'm not using it, since it seemed to give some trouble and I'm gonna do a register-cleaning to fix the stuff I just installed and deleted. I'm not planning on resetting my pc though, it was reset 2 weeks ago. Doesn't seem to fix stuff. I have a 64 bit system by the way. If you don't hear from me within 2 days, all went well, if not, you'll hear from me ;)

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