my laptop infected by an annoyin malware or virus

  Khodamam 19:33 20 Jan 2019

Hi , i just signed up here to ask my question and seek for help. i am using windows 8.1 and my windows defender is always up to date and i do not use any other anti malwares or anti virus. this problem get started couple days ago and i searched its signs on the internet but i cant fix it yet. as i said before , couple days ago i installed a program named autorun organizer ( i searched this on the internet and found out later that is malware). this program instantly installed more programs in my laptop. my windows defender start to send some notifications but when i wanted to open it and take any action system rebooted!!! so i uninstalled all of those programs (from control panel->uninstall a program) but when i want to uninstall autorun organizer itself , pops an error which tells me : "There is a problem with this windows installer package.A program required for this install to complete could not be run." and uninstalling fails. i noticed others malfunctions such as: 1. action center won't open (error: c:\users\AppData\Local\Packages... Unspecified error) 2. Windows Defender won't open because of group policy. so i went to regedit changed some of those and now I have windows defender which when i click to start it says "The service couldn't be started". 3. anti malwares wont open neither. so i tried to install some anti malwares which was introduced by click here .The result was some of them even did not install like eset and some of them like Malwarebytes did not open after full installation. somehow i figured out(in safe mode) and i succeed to open Malwarebytes and scanned. it found like more than 1000 threats and after fixing and rebooting part still i have all above problems but 1 difference, which is Malwarebytes opens but do not show any threat anymore. 4. some random cmd s flashes and some errors that said "deleting browsing history" pops up this stopped right now but i do not know it might come back or not. 5. CANT UNINSTALL AUTORUN ORGANIZER yet! same error i said before.

if you want to know more details to help me ask. tnx for reading this.

  john bunyan 09:04 21 Jan 2019

If you have system restore enabled, try to restore to before the trouble started.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:34 21 Jan 2019

Or you could use this guide but do not download spyhunter or use any of the links on the page

  Khodamam 11:06 21 Jan 2019

i dont know how should i reply to your replys but : @john bunyan unfortunately i dont have system restore. @Fruit Bat i read that before and followed each steps but nothing happened

  KEITH 1955 11:36 21 Jan 2019

you say on re-opening Malwarebytes it did not show anymore threats ???? I am confused , did you actually do another scan ?. The reason I ask this is because you may not be fully aware of how Malwarebytes works. Infections of any kind can be made up of many segments , if you clicked on anything it found before quarantining and deleting you might have seen it say something like joe bloggs pup 5 , this means that joe bloggs pup is made up of 5 segments.

This is the important bit.... Malwarebytes is one of the best programs around but it cant always get rid of all segments of something on the first scan/quarantine/delete. You must do repeated scans till it finds nothing.

Also try adwcleaner by the same company

Finally , have you been doing any downloading you could have got something you don't know about if you did not scroll down the terms and conditions , its an old trick , companies know people are lazy ( no offence ) so if you had gone to the end of terms and conditions you might have seen some boxes to UNTICK so that you don't get say another browser or a free trial anti virus.

Study your browsers for add ins and extensions you don't recognise and also look in add/remove for items you don't recognise.

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