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My laptop doesn't shut down and keeps restarting

  zatyam 10:00 09 Jul 2016

Hi, I am having a Sony Vaio E series (SVE15137CNW) laptop running Windows 10 64-bit on it. I am facing this issue of turning off my laptop from 2 days, whenever I try to shut it down. The screen turns off like how it should and then the system restarts automatically. Even if I plug out the power adapter, the same thing happens.

  1. I tried power draining my laptop by removing it's battery and pressing the power button but as soon as I plug the battery in, the Power LED notification light and Battery LED notification light keeps glowing. And it doesn't turn ON by pressing the power button. I start it by pressing the "Assist" button present in my VAIO.

  2. I also tried booting into the Windows safe mode and then shutting it down, but still it just restarts again.

  3. I tried "Hibernating" my system, but then when I press the power button once it hibernates, the screen does not turn on (yet the LED notification lights are ON).

  4. I tried draining my battery completely while it is turned ON, once OFF. The power button still does not work, and I had to turn it ON by pressing the "Assist" button.

I reset my Windows a week ago. But after doing that it was working fine (Turning OFF and ON). I am having this issue since past 2 days.

Please help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:21 09 Jul 2016

Go into setup(BIOS) and check what the power options show.

Also disable wake on Lan and wake on ring settings if you can find them.

Save and exit after disabling.

  zatyam 03:56 10 Jul 2016

There's no such option in my BIOS. The only options present are:

Boot Mode - UEFI; External Device Boot - Disabled; Network Boot - Disabled;

Yesterday I tried resetting my Windows again. But still the problem persists.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:21 10 Jul 2016

Run CMD window as admin (black menu with white text)

shutdown /s /t 5

These commands tell the machine to shutdown completely (bypassing hybrid shutdown) after a 5 second delay.

see if that cures it by doing a normal shutdown after restarting

  zatyam 13:49 10 Jul 2016

No, it shuts down and then restarts again. :/

  StephenCrossland 20:06 10 Jul 2016

I found this from a youtube article: Not able to shutdown your windows 10 PC? Does your system restart instead of shutdown? Fix the problem easily with this simple step. Type regedit in windows search and open Registry editor. Go to HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon and double click on PowerDownAfterShutdown and change the value to zero from one, or to one from zero click here Hope you find a solution, s.

  zatyam 04:17 11 Jul 2016

The value of PowerDownAfterShutdown was 0, I changed it to 1. It didn't help. Then I again tried it by changing 1 to 0. Didn't help either. My laptop still restarts when I shut it down.

  StephenCrossland 14:21 11 Jul 2016

I am sorry to hear that. The other suggestion that I can offer is to check the system files by opening CMD with Admin rights (Right click icon bottom left and chose Command prompt(Admin)) and type sfc /scannow (followed by the return key). This process takes around 10 minutes to complete but is worth checking. Best Wishes, s.

  zatyam 06:43 12 Jul 2016

Done. It says: "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations."

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