My keyboard Capslock key light is not working prop

  akbarzab 20:58 17 Dec 2018

Hello, my keyboard capslock key light is not working properly. When i press it, it turns on sometimes and it doesn't turn on sometimes. Is there any way to fix this ? Thanks Windows 10

  akbarzab 21:37 17 Dec 2018


  mole44 05:33 18 Dec 2018

Try a different keyboard you need to say if it's a laptop or desktop,if it's desktop take the old keyboard apart and give it a good clean my keyboard is a Microsoft 2000 i got way back with an Evesham (Remember them) computer.From time to time i dissemble the keyboard to clean it,i also keep a couple of spare keyboards handy.

  akbarzab 09:41 18 Dec 2018

It's a laptop keyboard unfortunately. Thanks

  alanrwood 10:17 18 Dec 2018

On Bleeping Computer Forum this guy has been quite rude to a helper. I suggest no further help

click here

  akbarzab 14:42 18 Dec 2018

Yes, i think it's better if you read the whole topic and the way he was talking before judging it to be rude. Thanks for your help !

  VivekSharma 11:12 19 Dec 2018

Hi If the CapsLock is still working but doesn't show up the light then I'm quite sure it is a hardware issue.If that's really important I suggest Replace the key or may be the whole keypad depending upon the model and make of the computer.


  akbarzab 13:31 19 Dec 2018

Ok ok, i guess i'll just deal with it for the moment. Thanks !!

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