My google chrome and internet explorer gives pop ups anytime

  Sam_P 14:22 19 Aug 2014


I have windows 8 in my PC. My internet explorer and Google chrome browsers are not working even after re-installation of both of them. I block pop-ups from settings but still it shows pop-ups any time. I do virus scan through system care regularly but can't fix this problem.Please help me fixing this issue and please suggest best free anti-virus for windows 8.

Thanking you, Sam

  wee eddie 14:34 19 Aug 2014

It may be worthwhile installing, and running, Malwarebytes. The Free Version is available right at the bottom.

  john bunyan 15:51 19 Aug 2014

For free antivirus (only on to be installed) I would use Avira or Avast. Both can be downloaded from Filehippo see


As wee eddie says, do scan with Malawarebytes,: I would also do a one off scan with ADWCleaner - see


I use the Google toolbar and it blocks pop ups well.

Google toolbar

  john bunyan 15:52 19 Aug 2014

PS sorry - only one a/v to be installed.

  Sam_P 17:26 24 Aug 2014

Thanks for the suggestions friends! My problem got resolved with malewarebytes. The only problem is that this version allows free scan once only.

  • Sam
  john bunyan 19:30 24 Aug 2014

The free Malawarebytes, which you should update daily, allows any number of scans you like.


ADWCleaner is a one off but you can download it and use it again.

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