My Display Lost All Detail (?)

  Toxic “Frozen” Reboot 18:53 12 Nov 2016

I'm not sure how to explain this, but when I went on my computer (Windows 10) the other day, it went to night mode and my only option was to change it to white mode and everything just went white. I can see text but it is blue in default text like the old Google. Only ads will show and pictures won't come up at all. I can still use it normally (I use Internet Explorer), but it gets difficult and I couldn't find anything in Display or Settings. Thank you!

  rdave13 20:22 12 Nov 2016

Sounds like a GPU driver problem. You don't say which manufactured PC/Laptop you have so here's my suggestion with the info I have. Right click the start icon bottom left and select Device manager. Expand Display adapters, right click the adapter you have, select 'update driver software' then select 'search automatically for updated driver software'. If it finds one then install. Once done reboot whether Windows asks or not.

Otherwise you will need to go to the manufacturers site and re-install the GPU driver for your particular PC/Laptop.

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