my computer not picking up orignal internet connection

  RazeFraze 17:32 17 Aug 2014

Hi i bought a Wifi range extender nearly 1 year ago now but recently i bought a new PC so i set everything up and when it asked me what internet connection do i want to connect to i said the wifi range extender. But recently this wifi range extender is not performing half as-well and im even struggling to watch a video on youtube it is that bad.

but my main concern is that my computer is not recognizing my original internet connection it is only picking up the wifi range extender. Im thinking is it becuase i did not use it when setting up so i am asking is there anyway i can connect to my original network connection


Razefraze :)

  chub_tor 17:42 17 Aug 2014

Have you looked in Control Panel - Network and Internet - Network Connections to see if both devices are present? You might find that the original network connection is there but not connected and you might also find that entering the network password will help.

  RazeFraze 17:45 17 Aug 2014

yes they are both present but it wont let me type password in to the original network connection.

  RazeFraze 17:56 17 Aug 2014

sorry it wont let me connect to the other network even when i turn off the wifi range extender.

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