My computer loads even if I'm on the

  marie-anna 03:35 16 Jun 2017

My computer loads even if I'm on the right page then sometimes the pages disappears then reappears also when I type the solid line that follows when I type disappears and it jumps into another line and I have to type a word to see where it is sometimes I could see it and the word I type in adds another word it doesn't belong there. HELP ME PLEASE!

  Sarah Balfour 05:53 16 Jun 2017

Could you perhaps try posting again, this time describing exactly what it is you're trying to do (in detail)? What does "my computer is still loading" actually mean? Still loading what? You mention you're typing? In what app? Word? Notepad? An email app (Windows Mail? Outlook? a Webmail provider's Web client (e.g. Gmail or Hotmail)?

You're unlikely to receive any advice or assistance unless people can understand what it is you're trying to do.

  wee eddie 12:11 16 Jun 2017

Sarah, avoid giving marie-anna permission to email you. She has had several threads and only communicates by email.

So far, she has not posted any reply into a thread

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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