My computer cant do anything

  christay01 13:10 27 Nov 2016

I accidenly downloaded the wrong driver for my keyboard, touchpad and mouse, and it removed my original drivers. I tried to roll back the drivers, but the option was greyed out and i could not click it. I downloaded other drivers, used driver booster, ran trouble shooting, but nothing worked. At the end, i tried uninstalling the drivers, and i was told that if i uninstalled the drivers, windows will automatically install them back. But when my computer turned on, i could not use my mouse, nor could i use my keyboard or touchpad. I am stuck at the time and date page, and have to click or press enter to continue. I cannot factory reset the computer, as i have to press f8, but my keyboard cannot be used. I tried other mice, but recieved same results. Im using an aspire v3-471G laptop with windows 10. Please help :"(

  Jollyjohn 15:37 27 Nov 2016

Is this the same issue as click here or a different one??

Tap F2 as laptop starts - if this doesn't work, it suggests a hardware failure.

Then try power on laptop and immediately power off again, Repeat three times. On the fourth power on let it try and start and an advanced recovery menu should open - does this work?

  christay01 01:15 28 Nov 2016

It konda is, but that thread says problem solved when its not, and i dont know how to chabge it back.

  mole44 05:28 28 Nov 2016

Sorry to again bang on about it but when will people not clone their drive in case of such problems,i'm fed up with people bleating on about losing valuable data.Clone your drive weekly and in the event of a problem a drive swap is easier than full reinstall,their rant over.

  Jollyjohn 07:10 28 Nov 2016

Please give some response to the suggestions we have made. Does F2 work? If not I suspect a hardware issue as in keyboard failure.

Does power on / off three times give the advanced repair menu?

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