My brand new high spec laptop is really slow,

  Brad Burgess 20:15 04 Jan 2018

My brand new high spec laptop is really slow. Videos on facebook and many sites are so slow and social media feeds and things take ages to load. I have only just got my laptop and its a new xps 15 16gb ram i7. I bought it on purpose to be quick and Its not so there is something wrong. Can anyone help me fix this?

  wee eddie 01:57 06 Jan 2018

What AV are you running?

  Govan1x 09:31 06 Jan 2018

In Taskmanager. Start up. how many start up programs are on it. maybe disable any that is not needed. They can always be enabled again at any time. I only have one on mine and that is my security program.

Firefox memory on my computer is much the same as yours so nothing to worry about there.

Have you tried using Adblock Plus to maybe make your browsing a bit quicker. That way you do not get adds slowing you down.

Have you tried running it in safe mode to see if it runs any quicker. it uses less drivers on there.

Sometimes if you you have a driver in use that it is not digitally signed that will make your browsing a lot slower.

I had that problem once and my computer used to take about 4 minutes to start up. Once I found the faulty driver and fixed it all was good again. Microsoft reacts badly to unsigned drivers.

Have you had any big updates to W10 since you got the laptop. I would try in safe mode and if it works ok on there it should give others a better idea as to what is wrong.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:07 06 Jan 2018

Brad, providing you bought the XPS 15 SSD model, then it's one of the fastest laptops on the planet so it shouldn't be behaving like that.

Your speedtest results are very good although you haven't mentioned the "ping". As long as it's less, than say, 100ms then that's fine.

Because Task Manager hasn't shown any worrying performance issues (such as lack of available RAM or overactive CPU/HDD) then there's no point disabling your startup programs.

Here are a few things to try to help diagnose what's causing the Internet problems:

1) Try a different web browser. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are are already installed.

2) Boot into "Safe Mode with Networking" and try the Internet again. If the performance is dramatically better then it's not a Windows problem nor a driver problem but one related to a third-party app or service. Security software are the usual culprits.

3) If you have the adapter for it, try an Ethernet connection to your router instead. Turn off WiFi first though.

  Brad Burgess 00:17 07 Jan 2018

@WeeEddie What do you mean by AV?

  Brad Burgess 00:18 07 Jan 2018

@Govan1x The only things i have on startup is the random sounding intel corporation delayed launcher IAStoricon(which i left on because i dunno if it's important) and i have HD audio background process and Realtek HD audio manager coz i don't want to break my sound or something too lol. I have Adblocker already :) im gonna try safe mode soon. How do i find faulty driver then?

  Brad Burgess 00:19 07 Jan 2018

@secret squirrel Ye exactly i know it should be way faster shouldn't it, i did my research to get the best laptop my money could get so I was surprised when this happened. Okay ping is 43 and download is 145mbps today and upload the same as yesterday at 12mbps. I can't try try ethernet as surprisingly it has no option for that which is weird lol. I'll try safe mode. Changing browser doesn't really change much, i swapped from chrome to firefox and I thought it helped but it didn't, i'll try edge tho

  wee eddie 00:41 07 Jan 2018

Anti Virus. Ìf you have more than one, they can conflict and cause dramatic slowdown

  Secret-Squirrel 10:21 07 Jan 2018

I can't try try ethernet as surprisingly it has no option for that which is weird lol.

That's why I mentioned "the adapter" ;) If you need HDMI, VGA, or Ethernet then an adapter is required. It plugs into the USB-C/Thunderbolt port. It's usually more economical to buy a multi-port adapter than three separate ones. Anyhow, let's not worry about that for now although it would have been helpful to diagnose whether the XPS's WiFi adapter is the culprit or not.

Safe Mode with Networking is a very good troubleshooting tool so let me know how you get on with that.

  wee eddie 12:54 07 Jan 2018

Our OP has already said that problem is not "Downloading" but "Loading".

Unless I am reading that wrong, this is NOT an "Internet" related problem

  Govan1x 13:36 07 Jan 2018

Found this wich gives the bad verdicts on the Laptop.

Now just to comment on the Bloatware part as that is where you get unwanted and unneeded programs with new Computers.

It would obviously come with some sort of trial Security programme. I think this is what wee eddie was getting at. Have you used that security programme or are you using your own security programs.

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