My brand new high spec laptop is really slow,

  Brad Burgess 20:15 04 Jan 2018

My brand new high spec laptop is really slow. Videos on facebook and many sites are so slow and social media feeds and things take ages to load. I have only just got my laptop and its a new xps 15 16gb ram i7. I bought it on purpose to be quick and Its not so there is something wrong. Can anyone help me fix this?

  wee eddie 20:29 04 Jan 2018

Are you talking about 'loading' or 'downloading'?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:31 04 Jan 2018

Everything you have mention is to do with internet speed and bandwidth, I suggest you do a speed test and post what it comes up with.

  qwbos 00:34 05 Jan 2018

Also check Task Manager and check if anything's running at or near 100%.

  rickf 10:47 05 Jan 2018

Make sure connect to home network is turned on and may be a dns problem or as others have said it's a connection issue. This laptop should be really fast.

  qwbos 11:56 05 Jan 2018

And try a wired connection to eliminate wireless issues.

  Govan1x 11:58 05 Jan 2018

Yup it should fly. Are you connecting by Ethernet or Wireless. If wireless how far away from the router.

Maybe try with it connected using an ethernet cable to see if it works any faster.

Have a look in device manager for yellow exclamation marks. And maybe switch the router off for a minute then switch it on again.

Also make sure that it has all the Windows updates installed.

And like qwbos says check Task Manager to see what is using up the cpu and disk.

  Govan1x 13:14 05 Jan 2018

I suppose you could try pressing the windows logo key and R at the same time on the keyboard. That will open Run. Type in msconfig. Ok. Go to Boot and tick Safe boot and Network. Apply.Ok. It will give you the opportunity to reboot the laptop accept that and reboot.

Now that takes you into safe mode so once again check your download/upload speed to see if that makes any difference. If not just reverse the procedure to take you out of safe mode.

  Brad Burgess 00:35 06 Jan 2018

@weeeddie I am talking about Loading, my downloading is pretty quick.

  Brad Burgess 00:38 06 Jan 2018

@fruitbat we have subscribed to 200mbps internet. The broadband speed test is 40mbps download and 12mbps upload

  Brad Burgess 00:59 06 Jan 2018

my routers i5meters away amy mbps varies from 40mbps to around 200mbps so dunno if its a connection thing, even 40mbps shouldnt give me extreme slow loading surely? in task manager there is no yellow exclamation marks, but its says my mozilla firefox internet browser is using in task manager is 7% in the CPU section and 3,150MB in the memory section. I did try switching the router off for a minute then on again but doesn't seem to do anything. Thanks for all the help so far guys.

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