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Music file transfer problem with Windows 7.

  KeithMH 13:19 03 Apr 2016

I've been trying to transfer some music files (about 17.5 GB) on to a 32 GB micro SD card. After roughly 10% of the card's capacity has been reached, only empty folders appear on the card. I've tried transferring all files and folders in bulk and I've tried transferring one folder at a time, but the result is always the same.

This has happened before, with a 64 GB MP3 player.

Can anyone help throw some light on this problem? I'm running Windows 7.

  Bazzaman 08:27 04 Apr 2016

Is it possibly a fake 32GB card?

Often these are created by doctoring a much lower capacity card to appear as if it is a higher capacity card. Often these appear to work initially during a large copy, but fail (to work effectively) once the real capacity of the card has been reached.

Maybe try a large copy of something other than music files to the card to test it out?

  KeithMH 08:52 04 Apr 2016

Thanks for your reply, rdave13, I'm hoping to use the card in my tablet (Hudl). I wonder if that would work.

Bazzaman, I suppose that the memory in the MP3 player could have been fake as well: it was an eBay job. I'll try your suggestion. Many thanks.

  KeithMH 10:21 04 Apr 2016

I thought that might well be the case as far as the Hudl is concerned.

I've tried transferring individual folders of roughly 100 MB each and I've had the same result. I'm beginning to think Bazzaman might be right.

I'm in the process of trying to move some picture files on to the card to see what happens.

  KeithMH 19:04 06 Apr 2016

Looks like Bazzaman was right. I bought a new 32 GB card from a proper shop (the pain!) and all is well, so far.

Many thanks for your help.

  lotvic 21:38 07 Apr 2016

I've had problems with Hudl2 and micro sd card. Sometimes it says it is corrupt and doesn't recognise the files on it, etc. But if I take the sd card out and then reinsert it all is well again. I've put it down to a 'quirky bug' of the hudl2. It happens more when battery is down below 75%.

  KeithMH 09:01 08 Apr 2016

Mine's an original Hudl and I had trouble getting the new card to latch into it. However, eventually, it clicked and has been working fine since. Fingers crossed that it stays that way.

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