Music file attributes

  Penmere 14:24 28 Oct 2014

Instead of columns showing contibuting artists, album, title etc, I want to see file date and size. Is there any way of bringing this about please?

  lotvic 16:31 28 Oct 2014

Put your cursor on the column heading word 'name' (or any of the headings) and rightclick, you will get a popup menu, click on 'more' at the bottom, you will get another popup menu.... choose the column headings you want and reorganise their order to suit you. Have fun :)

  Penmere 13:41 30 Oct 2014

Thanks Iotvic for your reply to my query. Worked perfectly. I had no idea that I had such power at my elbow.

  lotvic 16:06 30 Oct 2014

It's fun when you discover stuff like this ;)

  Penmere 19:22 30 Oct 2014

My best fun was setting up

  lotvic 20:48 30 Oct 2014

I'm not very musical but had a look at your songs without words. Neat. Is that you playing the piano? (there was/is another forumite on here that plays the organ)

  Penmere 22:21 30 Oct 2014

Yes, I am playimg. Not on a piano. but on a Yamaha Clavinova, an electric piano, which has a 'fully weighted' keyboard, making it feel and perform like a piano. It has the advantage of not needing a microphone in order to do recordings, so I do not have to worry about any noises going on. Cheers.

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