Music CD wont burn

  BEARBEE 21:33 20 Jun 2009

I have Windows Vista Premium SP2, when I try to burn a CD using tracks from my WMP library, the progress shows that the tracks are being completed correctly and the progress bar goes up as it should and eventually it says completed and the CD is ejected, but there is nothing on the CD.
The CDs are definately blank and when I try to burn a CD of the same batch on my other PC (Windows XP Pro) it does it without any problems, can you help please ?

  BRYNIT 22:22 20 Jun 2009

Are you able to burn anything to these CD's on this computer if not it could be the CD-RW that is not working.

  Kevscar1 00:07 21 Jun 2009

Have you tried exploring the CD on your XP machine to see if theres anything on it.

  BEARBEE 21:57 21 Jun 2009

BRYNIT - No I cannot burn anything to CD on this PC, it will read CDs and DVDs from the drive but will not burn to CD.

kevscar - When I explore it on my XP machine it shows that its empty, however it freezes the XP machine. It's as if the Vista machine is doing something to the CDs but not what it should.

I think I'll try using a free CD burning software and see what happens.

  Kevscar1 09:18 22 Jun 2009

Sounds like it might be your burner up the shoot if you cannot burn anything.
Try dragging a few pictures to the drive and see if that works.
If not then you need to replace drive.

  mooly 11:20 22 Jun 2009

Worth cleaning the lens ?

  BEARBEE 18:55 22 Jun 2009

Kevscar - I'll try the drag and drop suggestion and let you know what happens.

mooly - How do I do that on a laptop ?

  mooly 19:12 22 Jun 2009

Pop the tray open and you will see the optical pickup with the small glass/plastic lens.
They are are very delicate (the lens suspension mounts) so get a pure cotton bud and tease the end of it out.
You should use a proper lens cleaning fluid to very (I mean very very) slightly dampen the bud and using the teased out end gently clean the lens. Use a torch and make sure it looks sparkling.
A lot recommend isopropal alchohol but Sony specifically warned against that (many years ago... I'm an electronics tech)... as it could damage the coating on some lenses. I guess camera lens fluid should be OK or even clean water. Never use a glass cleaner, many contain ammonia.

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