Multiple Problems Since Installing Windows 10.

  mayfly1 16:48 15 Nov 2015

Seven weeks ago I made the mistake of installing Windows 10. I have had endless problems ever since. I use an Acer Laptop: AOL. Internet Explorer 11.

Problems: * My internet connection keeps dropping out. * I cannot copy & paste into an email without losing internet connection. * The cursor jumps all over the screen when I'm typing. * I cannot use Google. - I get a blank page for every search. (AOL search still works.) * My two Twitter accounts are unusable. I cannot: Message: Like: Follow: and much more. (I have contacted Twitter 'Help' six times without reply.) * I have tried running - sfc/scannow = 'Not recognised.' * I have tried running Windows 10 troubleshooter = It tells me I am using Windows 8. (I'm not.) When I tried again to upload Windows 10 it tells me I already have it !

  • All of these issues work OK on my ancient desktop. (Windows XP)

Help Please. Thank you. John

  tullie 16:55 15 Nov 2015

Did you type sfc /scannow with a space after the c?

  mayfly1 00:12 16 Nov 2015

Thanks both for your help. I returned my computer to factory settings. Removed Windows 10 altogether. Everything works again now. Just got to get all my files off the cloud now !

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