Msi r9 280x graphics card

  LewisJ 18:41 08 May 2017

So I have just built a gaming computer and on my graphics card there is an 8 pin and a 6 pin slot but on my power supply there's and 8 pin and 2 molex 4 pins and I've purchased an adapter to make them into a 6 pin but when I power on my pc with the 8 pin connect into the graphics card the fans spin and my tv shows there's something connect to it but there's no display so my question is is that because there's not enough power to the graphics card with the 6 pin not being connected or is it a faulty graphics card. Thanks

  Archonar 09:02 09 May 2017

Whilst it's not the best way to power the card, using an adapter should work fine in terms of power. If you're getting nothing on the screen that could be due to a number of issues. Try removing the GPU and plugging the video cable into one of the motherboard outputs if your cpu has integrated graphics (most modern cpu's do). If the display works then we can be pretty sure it's an issue with the card. If not then we need to look at other options.

Maybe also list your system specs - it's always helpful information for us to have.

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